Topic: Habitudes: The powerful idea of changing your habits and attitude. Secrets to harness and maintain better habits and amazing attitudes each and every day of your life. Some of us need a “Dose of Awesome” in our lives!

Bio: Best Selling Author & Award Winning International Speaker Erik Swanson consistently wow’s his audiences worldwide with his entertaining and interactive keynote speeches on GREAT ATTITUDES! Erik, or as many people know him as “Mr. Awesome”, has been changing lives globally as he shares his powerful “HABITUDE WARRIOR” training principles and strategies on stages with other top Professional Speakers such as Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Bill Walsh, Bob Proctor, Denis Waitley, Sharon Lechter, Loral Langemeier, and many others from The Secret, The Napoleon Hill Foundation. For the past 18 years, Erik has been transforming lives turning people’s dreams into realities and can easily be found high fiving perfect strangers, changing their moods in an instant!

Erik is the Founder of Habitude Warrior International as well as the ‘You Rock Foundation’ that is sweeping the globe teaching and reminding people that we each have our unique and amazingness about us and that we all “Rock” in so many ways. Erik shares real life stories and experiences through his journey of success to teach the strategies and fundamentals of maintaining great habits and attitudes and strategies to find our full potential! Mr. Swanson’s techniques in his “Habitude Warrior” system has gained him huge recognition as an expert in the field of relationship building and mastering the “The 5 Pillars of the Habitude Warrior which are Courage, Passion, Patience, Strength, and Leadership. Mr. Swanson is also the Founder of Junior Habitudes which teaches kids from ages 8 to 18 in 3 different modules: Confidence, Leadership, and Personal Growth… things that are rarely found taught in schools these days.