Title: Why We Use Stories To Persuade Others & Ourselves. How to craft a powerful story that compels and inspires.

Bio: Every day we seek to persuade others to buy our product, to eat your broccoli, to go to a marriage counselor, to believe in our politic of choice, to say “yes” to a proposal, to “let me have a happy meal,” to call your mother, and many more. On a more personal level we also seek to persuade ourselves to get up early and exercise, to “just say no” to that dessert, to get another job, to “call my mother,” to spend more time with with my family, to break my “bad habit,” and much more. All of our communications are an attempt to persuade.

The most powerful persuasion tool we have are the stories we tell ourselves and others. But what is a story? Are some better than others? How do I use stories to become more persuasive to others and our better selves? Stories puts a warm human face on facts, figures, statistics and every other cold and lifeless solution. Stories are the first step to humanizing our solutions for others and ourselves.

In this TEDx Session, ArrowHead3 founder and author, Kevan Kjar, will share the need for a more humane approach to our everyday persuasions for products, ideas and solutions, to give it a warm, human face of a hero with a story. Building upon the winning ArrowHead principles in Kevan’s first book, he zeros in on the DNA of story in his upcoming book and gives tools, principles, and a framework to a topic that many talk about but few really understand. Join us for this perspective-shifting session in how we use stories to persuade others and ourselves.